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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

102 humans and 20 bulls killed in jallikattu events since 2017: Report

102 humans and 20 bulls killed in jallikattu events since 2017: Report

Hundred and two human beings and 20 bulls have been killed in Jallikattu events since 2017, reveals Elsa Foundation’s latest investigative report, "Jallikattu Cult - Politics, Facts, Killings & Covid Deaths."
Humans killed include 81 spectators and the general public passing by (this is 80% of people killed) and 21 bull tamers. 

Some schoolchildren were also among the killed.  As on 8th February 2023, in about three weeks since the Jallikattu events have been conducted in 2023, 10 human beings have been killed.  These numbers reflect a serious lack of safety procedures in these events and neglect of responsibility by the state government. 
The Tamil Nadu government in January 2023 has announced compensation to a few, not all, victims’ families, perhaps intentionally,  prompted by the Supreme Court’s pending jallikattu judgment. 

Jallikattu law

According to a report released by Elsaa Foundation an NGO, Manjuvirattu and Eruthu Vidum Vila 
(Vizha) forms of Jallikattu which do not follow any rules set by the Supreme Court, the Animal Welfare Board of India, and the state jallikattu law. 

In these events, bulls are made to run on the roads among crowds of spectators and the public. 
The arena and bull collection yard (at the end of the venue) are not there, therefore, public safety is compromised.  There are no designated tamers.  All these critical problems have  led to the deaths of not only spectators, but even casual and innocent passers-by, and bulls.