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15,000 people attended 8th Teriberka Arctic Festival

15,000 people attended 8th Teriberka Arctic Festival

The Teriberka Arctic Festival, held in Murmansk Oblast from 15-16 July 2023, attracted 15,000 guests, a 150% increase from the previous year. The event featured 16 artists, 50 master classes; seven professionally guided walking tours, and two trail runs. The festival aimed to reveal the tourism potential of Russia's smaller Arctic Zone territories, develop event tourism in the Arctic, and popularize local products and cuisine. The music programme featured performances by Seville (Artik& Asti), Haru, the rock band Affinage, the cover band Russian Woman, and regional artists. The gastronomic component featured a special 'From the Arctic to the Far East' menu, created by over 30 participants from Primorye and Kamchatka restaurants.


The festival featured Arctic dishes made of venison, elk, cod, halibut, Murmansk salmon, northern shrimp, Arctic and Far Eastern scallops, and other seafood from the Barents and White Seas. The festival also featured a 350 square meter reindeer mural created near Teriberka on the banks of Zavalishina Bay.


The Teriberka Arctic Festival has grown to become the most celebrated event in Russia's Arctic zone. It has been recognized by the Russian Event Awards and was included in the TOP 50 of the National Calendar of Events for the second time in a row. The festival was organized by the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic, the Tourism Committee of the Murmansk Region, the Kola District Administration, Murmankongress, the Tourist Information Centre of the Murmansk Region, and the Gastronomic Map of Russia Federal Project.