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Today Date : Wednesday, July 24, 2024

'75th I-Day a pride  for all Indians'

'75th I-Day a pride for all Indians'

The 75th I-Day is the proud moment for all Indians so that we should celebrate the occasion, said Tamil scholar Suki Sivam.

Addressing at the Erode Book Festival arranged by Makkal Sindhanai Peravai at Erode CN College on Friday, he said the country can keep its freedom safe by keeping its people prosperous. Two of our neighboring countries faced military rule several times after independence. 

We need to know the past history of those countries to learn lessons. He said no matter how much fame you get in life,  you have to live against humiliation. If people have the courage to accept the facts, there will be good changes in the society. 

Parents should not kill their children's dreams to fulfill their dreams. The Corona period has created various changes. Students are mentally affected. That is why they were trying to attack teachers and committing suicide. Many undesirable events are happening.

Psychiatric counseling should be given to the teachers to deal with the students. Teachers should treat students like friends. 

He said that teachers and parents should realize that children's lives are more important than studies. Peravai president T Stalin Gunasekaran presided.