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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

8 kg weight uterine  fibroid removed

8 kg weight uterine fibroid removed

The medical team of Erode Sudha Hospital successfully removed an 8 kg fibroid from the woman's uterus through surgery. A 50-year-old woman of Erode district gave birth to a girl through artificial insemination. 
Now, her daughter is 18 years old. 

The lower abdomen of her was swollen. Following this, she was admitted to the hospital, Erode. The scan revealed a 25 cm fibroid in the uterus. Subsequently, under the leadership of the  MD of Sudha Hospital Dr Dhanapakyam, a team consisting of Dr. Deepika, Surgeon Satish, and Anesthesiologist Saravind successfully removed the 8 kg narkatti from the uterus.  After the treatment, the woman is fine and the fibroid has been sent to the laboratory for testing.