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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

800 Hand Held Devices given to Rly Ticket Examiners

800 Hand Held Devices given to Rly Ticket Examiners

PG Mallya, General Manager of Southern Railway, said that 800 hand-held devices have been provided to the ticket inspectors to reserve seats online for the passengers in the waiting list during the train journey if the persons who reserved seats did not travel.

After inspecting the Erode railway station on Wednesday, he told reporters: this type of inspection is conducted once a year by the railway management. A survey was carried out on the Railway Department's assets, staff performance and passenger safety arrangements. Also, the railway station platforms, Cauvery railway bridge and track maintenance machinery, loco pilot's room were also inspected. All were satisfactory in the study.

Adequate surveillance cameras are in use at Erode railway station. 800 hand-held devices have been provided to ticket examiners. This system has been well-received as it allocates beds to passengers in a transparent manner. Generally, the loco pilots operating the trains do not have toilet facilities in their rooms. 

As women are also currently working as loco pilots, we understand their difficulties. So, toilet facility in loco pilot room on trial basis was created at some places. But it turns out that they are not ready for use. However, appropriate action will be taken to resolve the issue. 

He said that the railway administration will take action if the state government prepares and recommends a plan for the construction of a flyover in Erode Vendipalayampalayam area.