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Today Date : Friday, June 14, 2024

92 MPs suspension,  threatening one-party dominance in Parliament

92 MPs suspension, threatening one-party dominance in Parliament

Not letting up, the Opposition has been insisting that Union Home Minister Amit Shah explainthe smoke bomb incident in parliament. But the Union Government is suspending such questioning MPs without giving an explanation.
In this session alone, 92 opposition MPs have been suspended. Yesterday, alone 78 members were suspended in a day. This step has been roundly denounced by leaders of political parties.
Congress leader MallikarjunKharge has opposed the Modi government's move to pass all bills in Parliament without any opposition. It is also arbitrary for the Modi government when members of the LokSabha and RajyaSabha asked for a discussion on security, as to remove them from their posts.
The suspension of MPs is regarded by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. K. Stalin as a violation of democracy. In addition, opposition party leaders and social activists alike have strongly denounced.
The opposition members insisted on postponement of other programs and discussion in the House. What's wrong with that? They have fulfilled their basic obligation of questioning satisfactorily.
It's not only some from the ruling party; After all, opposition members are elected by the people too. In this regard, the ruling party has made a big blunder.
The refusal to allow opposition party members the right not only to speak, but even time for discussionLokSabha and RajyaSabha is an attack against democracy.
If they try to turn it into a one-party parliament where the so many members of the ruling party can do anything, that would be tragic.
With just one punch, can't a big balloon deflate? The opposition parties have taken up the cry of democracy, and come to people's forum with their voice for democracy.
Let democracy prevail.