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Today Date : Wednesday, July 24, 2024

A consumer forum demands changes in the proposed rail fare concession norms

A consumer forum demands changes in the proposed rail fare concession norms

A city-based consumer forum, Citizens’ Voice Coimbatore, has written to the prime minister Narendra Modi urging him to make train travel comfortable and affordable for senior citizens by incorporating appropriate changes in the proposed rail fare concession norms. 

The forum president CM Jayaraman, in a statement, said, “Following the protest, the government has recently announced its decision to reinstate the rail fare concession for the senior citizens with certain modifications from the previous scheme.

 But the proposed changes are not doing any good to the senior citizens as it was suggested to fix the eligibility age as 70 years instead of its previous 58 years for women and 60 years for men and to limit the access to general compartment and sleeper classes. 

Only on rare occasions, senior citizens aged above 70 years would take frequent travels.”  Instead of aiming at the welfare of the senior citizens, the suggestions are aimed at reducing the financial burden of the railways.

  “Just like how railway employees are bestowed with concessional travel after their retirement, senior citizens should also be given provisions for the concessional travel. 

To reduce the financial burden, the travel concession extended to former MPs and MLAs could be stopped. The concession travel for government employees  can be stopped as they are eligible for Leave Travel Concession (LTC),” the statement added.