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Today Date : Friday, May 24, 2024

A crowning achievement prepared for Government of Tamil Nadu

A crowning achievement prepared for Government of Tamil Nadu

The government of Tamil Nadu has announced the implementation of the scheme of providing Rs.1000 per month entitlement to a daughter from September 15 (Late Chief Minister and DMK founder C.N  Anna Durai's birthday).

It is said that there is no need to make any change in the ration card to benefit under this scheme and once the eligible candidates are selected, the payment will be made directly into their bank account.
Meanwhile, many people have started applying for new ration cards. But it seems that a resident of the same household is applying for one card in the name of parents and another in the name of son and daughter-in-law.

Due to this, applications for new cards to the Food Supply Department have increased exponentially. However, authorities examine whether the documents attached with the application to select the eligible cards correct. After that, they go directly to the address of the concerned applicant and inspect the house. After completion of this inquiry applicants will get new ration cards.


On the other hand, people below the poverty line such as the destitute, the elderly, wage earners, hawkers, street traders, etc. are going to benefit under the Rs 1000 entitlement scheme. The government is also preparing a list for this. Another side is taking steps to open postal accounts for those who do not have bank accounts. It is for this purpose that the camps are being conducted and the postal program is being initiated.

In this case, another information about the claim amount of  Rs.1000 rupees has been released. With the appointment of Thangam Thanarasu as the Minister of Finance, the work for this is gaining momentum. As there is still 2 months left for the disbursement of women's entitilement, the work is progressing at a fast pace.

Chief Minister M. K. Stalin has ordered the officials to complete this work quickly. Accordingly, eligible women are being identified on the basis of family cards. They also say that the official announcement regarding this list will be released soon. When this project is implemented, it will be talked about as another crown jewel and a great achievement of the DMK government.