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Today Date : Wednesday, July 24, 2024

A heartening gesture for religious harmony!

A heartening gesture for religious harmony!

The car cylinder explosion incident in Coimbatore on the 23rd early morning caused a big stir. Six people have been arrested while one person has died due to the car cylinder explosion. The National Security Agency has accelerated its investigation into the case.

In this situation, the event that took place in Coimbatore was encouraging as it appreciated the brotherhood between the two religions and emphasized religious harmony. All Jamaat Federation officials came to the Fort Iswaran temple. The temple priests and officials greeted them and took them inside.

Sitting in a room in the temple prakaram, they shared their memories of living in the same area for many generations. Then the temple priests honored the Jamaat officials by wearing silk shawls. Then they all stood together and put their hands on each other's shoulders and affirmed brotherhood and camaraderie. 

This event is intended to further strengthen the religious harmony between Hindus  and Muslims. After that, Jamaat Federation officials met the media. At that time, All Jamaat Federation General Secretary Banatullah said, ``Our organizations condemn the car blast incident. 

We want the majority to live in social harmony with the minority. With you we are going to advance all good things. We will not give any place to terrorism. No one can disrupt Hindu - Muslim unity,'' he said.
The Jamaat Federation officials’ visit to the Hindu temple and the expression of religious harmony, which surprised the people of Coimbatore but was overwhelmingly sweet..

giving great joy.Events like this should be held regularly... more often to foster religious harmony. Even the government can organize such events.  Hindus, Christians and Muslims should come together and talk.India is achieving as a country that sees unity in diversity year after year? It should not be allowed to spoil it in any way. Coimbatore should always be the city everyone loves!