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Today Date : Sunday, April 21, 2024

A whopping 82% of people in Chennai find a partner who is a voter attractive

A whopping 82% of people in Chennai find a partner who is a voter attractive

Bumble, a popular dating app in India, has revealed its latest research on the role of politics in dating and its impact on potential partners. The study found that 40% of people in Chennai surveyed would list their political affiliation on their dating app profile, with more women than men (50%) valuing a person's political views when considering potential romantic partners. The 'Politics' badge is one of the most popular badges used in India, with GenZ daters displaying this badge almost 2x more than Millennials on Bumble profiles as of December 2023.

A surface-level understanding of politics is no longer enough, as 20% of people surveyed in Chennai say not having an opinion on key social and political issues is a 'turn off' for them when dating. Indians value partners who actively engage in social issues that matter to them, with 41% of Indians surveyed saying their potential partner engaging in politics and voting is important to them.

Val-Core dating, one of Bumble's 2024 annual dating trends, refers to the rise of people valuing engagement on issues that matter to them. Singles today are looking for shared priorities and expect their partners to not only care about social causes but also actively engage. 68% of people in Chennai surveyed are more attracted to someone who actively engages in societal issues, while 66% of people in Chennai consider it important that their potential partner is aware of current politics and votes.

In conclusion, political views influence our dating lives in many ways, as it is becoming increasingly important for GenZ and Millennials in India to align on shared priorities, including political leanings and views alongside other topics like equality, human rights, inclusivity and respect for diversity, identity, and LGBTQ+ rights.