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Today Date : Sunday, May 19, 2024

Actor Vijay's entry into politics getting confirmed

Actor Vijay's entry into politics getting confirmed

Vijay, the top star of the Tamil film industry, has recently taken an interest in public affairs apart from cinema. In addition to speaking some political punch dialogues in his film, he has also talked about corruption and gained attention in the political circles. From time to time, his fans are doing various welfare programs across the state on behalf of his People's Movement.

 Vijay People's Movement is actively doing work such as blood donation camp and providing food to the starving. It is seen as a preview of actor Vijay's political entry.

In this situation, on the 17th of last month, Vijay gave away prizes to the students who secured the first three positions in the 10th and 12th class general examination assembly constituency wise and took a photo with them.

It was said among political observers that this action of actor Vijay, who is meeting the fan club office bearers again, is a confirmation of his entry into politics.  In this situation, actor Vijay has invited his fan club administrators from 234 constituencies to Chennai. Today, Vijay is holding a consultation with the people's movement office bearers at his house in Panaiyur, Chennai.

 There are believable news that jumping into politics was also discussed during the consultation with the office bearers. Tamil Nadu's politics and film industry have always been closely related. No one can forget that Late MGR, V.N Janaki and Jayalalithaa got the support of the people of Tamil Nadu and sat on the Chief Minister's chair. The late Chief Minister Karunanidhi himself was the one who attracted the people of Tamilnadu through his dust raising dialogues he wrote for films.

Why Superstar Rajinikanth tried to enter the political arena. But for some reason he withdrew his step. It seems that actor Vijay also got political desire in that line. It is the expectation of Vijay's fans that Vijay should enter the political arena in the 2024 parliamentary elections.

 Anyone has the right to join politics. He also has the right to use the film fame he has earned for that. Nothing wrong with that. But whoever comes into politics should come with the determination to do good for the people.

Will Vijay enter politics or not? That remains a question mark so far. Anything can happen it appears. It is okay if anything good happens!