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Today Date : Monday, May 27, 2024

Agarwal Hospital holds Eye  Donation Awareness Rally

Agarwal Hospital holds Eye Donation Awareness Rally

In the eye donation awareness rally organized by Erode Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital at Erode, many students of VIT Institute of Arts and Science College took part. It was held from the hospital at  to District Collector's office. Erode DSP Anandakumar Lions Club District Governor KR Muthiah and Hospital Head Dr. PS Radhakrishnan inaugurated it. 

Dr Radhakrishnan said that the National Eye Donation Awareness Event is observed every year from August 25 to September 8. Many people register for eye donation in many hospitals. 

Within 6 hours of their death, their  cornea should be removed by doctors and kept in an eye bank. Then it will be transplanted to corneal blindness people. In our nation millions of people suffer with such blindness due to accidents and some kind of diseases.

They could get vision through eye donation. But, unfortunately, the relatives of the deceased who have registered for donation, do not inform the hospital to collect the cornea.

Therefore, this rally is held to create awareness among people on the issue. about the fact that not enough retinas are available.His hospital has an eye bank which is useful if the relatives inform us about eye donation.

Those who want to donate eyes can contact us and we are ready to do the necessary assistance, he added.  CORONA: He said the severe Corona cases hit the vision also due to internal bleeding in the eyes.

So, people must be more cautious in protecting themselves from corona by getting vaccines and wearing masks. Around 20 percent of people coming for various eye problems of glaucoma. 

Earlier detection would help protect vision by getting due treatment. Due to genetic problem, even children suffer with glaucoma. So, eye test is on must for at least once in a year. Seeing TV, computers and cell phones continuously would not hit vision. 

But, a few seconds of rest to eyes off and on would remove unnecessary stress and strain to the brain. Severe and uncontrollable diabetes would hit  eye sight. So, proper diagnosis and treatment for diabetes is must. His hospital has introduced latest state of art know-how in eye treatment. If cataract surgery is included in the CM and PM Health Insurance Schemes, many poor people would gain, he opined.