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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

AIADMK councillors stage  walk out from Corpn meeting

AIADMK councillors stage walk out from Corpn meeting

Five AIADMK councillors, led by their group leader Jagadeesan, staged  a walk out from Erode Corporation Council meeting held on Tuesday evening in protest against hike in property and vacant land tax. They demanded withdrawal of the hike as the hike would hit people much. AIADMK councillor Hemalatha sought basic amenities in her 15th ward. Mayor Nagarathinam, and  deputy Mayor V Selvaraj presided.

DMK  And Congress councilors also wanted reconsideration of the property tax hike.  The tax increase should be such that it does not harm the public while at the same time generating revenue for the corporation.  They also demanded that the hike should be 10 to 20 percent instead of 100 per cent tax.

Responding to this, the commissioner Sivakumar said, ‘The tax has been increased as per the order of the government.  It was to advertised in newspapers but only 12 people have raised objection. Replies have been sent to them.   Taxation is done on an existing basis.   If it were taxed on a recalculation basis, it would have a large impact on the public. In addition, if the government receives comments on the tax hike, it will take a decision and announce it', he said. Then, the resolution on tax hike was adopted in the council meeting. 
Councilors wanted reduction of the garbage tax. Buildings constructed without permission should be monitored and appropriate taxation should be taken on it.  Roads that are bumpy should be repaired.  Steps should be taken to prevent rainwater stagnation in the VOC Market and wipe out stray dog menace. 

Councillor PK Palanisamy complained that relatives were disturbed when bodies are brought for the funeral at the Karungalpalayam Atma cremation center. '' If a person dies, relatives have to wait at least 3 hours to obtain a medical certificate regarding the cause of his death.  He therefore wanted appointment of a doctor at the Atma Center on behalf of the corporation to certify the cause of death.

In his reply, Corporation Health Officer Dr. Prakash said ''There are certain practices to check any malpractices in cremation. Death certificate should be obtained only for deaths related to criminal proceedings.  Certificate of discharge from the hospital is sufficient for those who die while being treated in the hospital.  Foreigners must also provide a medical certificate. Mortality at home, including sudden death, does not require a medical certificate from a doctor.  It is enough if close relatives provide the certificate. 

 The management of Atma Cemetery has been instructed on the procedures to be followed and the documents to be obtained.  So, these procedures will be followed from now on'' he said.