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Today Date : Friday, June 14, 2024

Plea to remove Nutrition Kit shortage for pregnant women

Plea to remove Nutrition Kit shortage for pregnant women

In Tamil Nadu, pregnant women are being provided with a nutrition box worth Rs. 2,000 to prevent malnutrition.  It contains 1 kg of nutrient flour, 3 tubs containing 200 ml of iron liquid, 1 kg of dry dates, 500 g of protein biscuits, 500 g of ghee, tablets and towel.  A woman is given 2 boxes at 3 month and 7 months of pregnancy.

Pregnant women in Erode have not been provided with the box for the past few months.  The health department said that due to the arrival of less number of boxes, it was not possible to provide them to all pregnant women in time. It is said  
federal and state governments are making great efforts to reduce the mortality rate during childbirth.  To this end, various programs are being implemented for pregnant women.  Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy Maternity Financial Assistance Scheme provides assistance to pregnant women.  In addition, the Government of Tamil Nadu is providing a special box containing nutritious products free of cost to keep women healthy during pregnancy.  

Public said ''this special box is not provided to pregnant women in time in Erode district due to shortage. Since only a very small number of boxes come in, it is given to a few.  Only one box is available for pregnant women who need to get 2 of them.  The nurses said they will give it as soon as the bixes arrive.  Therefore, the authorities should take steps to provide the box without any shortage and distribute it to the pregnant women properly.''

Erode Municipal Health Officer Dr. Prakash said, "The nutrition box is being provided to pregnant women by the urban health nurses in Erode Corporation. The boxes will be provided to the pregnant women during the 3rd and 7th months of pregnancy.  Steps will be taken to ensure uninterrupted supply, "he said.