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Today Date : Friday, July 12, 2024

AIADMK joining hands against the Governor.

AIADMK joining hands against the Governor.

There has been a conflict between the Tamil Nadu government and Tamil Nadu Governor R.N Ravi for a long time. Governor Ravi has been criticizing the DMK government's Dravidian model policy. He also criticized the Chief Minister's recent foreign trip to attract investments.

While the DMK is criticizing the governor for putting aside the bills to be sent for approval by the Tamil Nadu government, there is a cold war between the two sides as the governor is speaking against the policy of the DMK. Not only the DMK but also the leaders of its alliance parties are strongly criticizing the Governor.
DMK alleges that Governor R.N Ravi has not changed his course even after the Supreme Court clarified that the Governor can act only on the advice of the State Cabinet.

Leaders of AIADMK, the main opposition party in Tamil Nadu, have expressed support for Governor R.N Ravi. Now suddenly AIADMK's former minister Sellur Raju has opened his mouth against the governor.
He said, ``Governor R.N Ravi is talking like a representative of a political party. The political views spoken by the governor cannot be accepted. Both sides are at fault in the governorship issue. "Is the Governor speaking for himself? Or is he getting reports from somewhere else?. I don't know. People's programs have been affected by the conflict between the governor and the ruling party," he has stated.

Sellur Raju's criticism of the Governor's comments has created a stir in the political circles.The AIADMK is now joining hands with the DMK and its allies against the governor. The demand of all parties to rally against the Governor and withdraw him from the Union Government is being advanced, and Sellur Raju's opinion has added strength to it.

This is a wake-up call for Governor R.N Ravi. The governor should understand that if anything is against the welfare of Tamils, Tamil Nadu will gather together!