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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

AIADMK’s calculations of having PMK in the  alliance

AIADMK’s calculations of having PMK in the alliance

It was expected that the DMDK and PMK will become members of the BJP coalition in the course of the on-going alliance talks for the next parliamentary elections. Rumours presently circulate, nevertheless, that they plan to join the AIADMK coalition.
As a result, the news about this may come in a day or two, as it is being told that the DMDK has agreed to receive seven seats and the PMK party has agreed to receive ten.
This will undoubtedly make the AIADMK coalition stronger.
AIADMK is determined to clinch atleast the second somehow in the LokSaba elections.
EdappadiPalaniswami is soliciting the PMK so as not to give up the second place to the BJP.EdappadiPalaniswami scrambles to somehow build a bigger team against Stalin to establish himself as a strongcontdender. 
He wants to show Stalin as his arch rival. This is the AIADMK's political calculations about PMK.
In many elections, PMK has been the deciding party for the victory. But now as AIADMK has become the party it seems it has become a party that determines the second place.
The question is whether the 2024 parliamentary election results shock the EdappadiPalaniswami-led AIADMK or atleast get them the consolatory second position?
Let the alliances be finalized & the election be announced to see how it plays out
Let's wait!