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Today Date : Sunday, July 21, 2024

All India Real Estate Federation's plea on land guideline value at Coimbatore

All India Real Estate Federation's plea on land guideline value at Coimbatore

Federation of All India Real Estate Associations (FAIRA), Coimbatore,  appealed to the government to release the land guideline value for public knowledge.

Its consultative meeting was held at Coimbatore under the chairmanship of FAIRA National General Secretary Nehru Nagar Nandu and coordinated by National Executive Secretary Senthil Kumar. National Executive Committee President Vinod Singh Rathore spoke. Treasurer Chandrasekhar, National Headquarters Secretary Karthik, State Executive Committee President Ganesan, State Vice Presidents Muralitharan, Ramanathan, State Advisory Committee President Syam Karthik, district presidents Suresh Kumar and Wilson B. Thomas attended. 

The founder and national president of the association, Dr. A. Henry, delivered a special address.

National Deputy Secretary Kannan alias Balashanmugam thanked all those who participated in the meeting.

Resolutions are:

The draft Government Guideline Value has now been uploaded only on the Registration Department website. The information should be displayed in the notice board of the local bodies and sub-registrar offices to help public know the data. 

Withdrawal of the stamp duty fee of one percent and registration fee of one percent  for the public authority document which is a proof of the real estate industry and change the registration fee to Rs. 10,000 as before and implement it immediately.

Due to the joint valuation of apartment buildings, stamp duty and registration fees have gone up by two to five times what they used to be, which has become a huge burden on the public.  We want to withdraw the rule and enforce the old norm.

A tripartite committee be set up to solve the various problems in the registration department.

In the 2024-2025 Assembly Session, the Finance Minister issued a new notification for construction projects up to 3,500 sq.ft (ground floor and first floor) on plots of 2500 sq.ft. We want implementation of the notification.