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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Amit Shah and EPS:  The mystery of the encounter!

Amit Shah and EPS: The mystery of the encounter!

EdappadiK Palaniswami , S.PVelumani and C.V Shanmugam have met Home Minister Amit Shah at his residence in Delhi. Differing information has been leaked about what they talked about. It was first reported that Amit Shah had put a condition to Edappadi K Palanisamy (EPS) not to talk about internal party matters and Prime MinisterModi had refused to meet him. After the meeting with Amit Shah, while talking to the reporters, EPS said that he did not talk politics with Amit Shah and demanded speedy execution of the Godavari and Cauvery linking project.

But political commentators say this is not believable. Another source says that they were mainly talking about the issue of AIADMK split and raids targeting former AIADMK ministers. Then about OPS and EPS  working together. The information says that Amit Shah was told that otherwise the chance of winning the election would be affected, but EPS refused to accept it and explained that it is no longer possible to work with O.Paneerselvam (OPS) and that AIADMK's strength is all on its own.

So, the Amit Shah, EPS meeting is shrouded in mystery with lack of transparency. Only the two of them know what they actually talked about. One thing is certain. what is that?BJP does not fully accept the EPS side and has not closed the door on OPS. Both OPS and EPS keep knocking on the doors of the courts and the doors of the Election Commission. When will the final results be available? Can the double leaf symbol be disabled? The questions go on and on. If the same situation continues till 2024 parliamentary elections... 
What will be the fate of AIADMK?