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Today Date : Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Amit shah shocks AIADMK!

Amit shah shocks AIADMK!

Amit Shah, who came to Tamil Nadu on a 2-day visit, held a consultation for about an hour with South Chennai district leaders, in-charges and administrators in a private hall in Kovilambakkam near Chennai regarding the parliamentary elections.
Addressing the party  executives, Amit Shah said that we will set a target to win 25 seats in Tamil Nadu in the coming parliamentary elections. He had said that the BJP should strive to win the South Chennai Parliamentary Constituency. Amit Shah's speech has created a lot of confusion in AIADMK. Though party general secretary Edappadi Palaniswami did not respond to this, Semmalai and Jayakumar have expressed their anger.
AIADMK's organizational secretary S. Semmalai said that regarding Tamil Nadu, AIADMK will lead the alliance and there could be no alternative opinion. Depending on an alliance party's potential in the AIADMK leadership will decide whether to allocate the number of constituencies for a particular party.
Former minister D. Jayakumar said, “It is the AIADMK that decides the constituencies of the alliance parties in the parliamentary elections. 

The procedure followed during the MGR and Jayalalitha era will be followed. BJP people are doing this without maturity. It is BJP's right to ask which constituency they want. But the AIADMK will take the final decision on that. BJP can hold meetings at many places to grow the party. There is nothing wrong with that, BJP's hands have not been strengthened by that,” he said.
It has been revealed through Amit Shah that the BJP, which is in the AIADMK alliance, wants to win more seats and is planning to contest in at least 25 seats. AIADMK has immediately responded that they will not give away so many constituencies. Thus, Amit Shah himself has started his constituency account in Tamil Nadu before the 2024 parliamentary elections are several months away. Amit Shah has turned the existing headache of the AIADMK into a severe headache.

Last time Union Minister L. Murugan while speaking, told, we will ask the AIADMK and get 9 constituencies. But Amit Shao says 25 constituencies. How will AIADMK agree to contest in remaining 15 constituencies if BJP contests in 25 constituencies out of total 40 constituencies including Tamil Nadu and Puduchery? Out of those 15 constituencies, if given to the other alliance parties, the AIADMK will not win even 10 constituencies. The question has arisen whether the BJP is contesting alone in Tamil Nadu.
Also, Amit Shah mentioned that BJP So, targeting this constituency,  should contest in South Chennai. AIADMK, DMK and Congress have alternately won this constituency. AIADMK has won 2 times and DMK 3 times. 

Will the AIADMK give up even this constituency when Amit Shah asks? The question has arisen.
Will the AIADMK give in to threats and give up 25 seats to the BJP when there are only 40 seats including Puduchery or break the alliance? Let's wait and see!