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Today Date : Monday, May 27, 2024

An insane text that glorifies dowry

An insane text that glorifies dowry

In one of the lessons in the Sociology textbook recommended by the Indian Nursing Council as part of the syllabus for the nursing courses, a separate section entitled 'Benefits of Dowry' was included.
The text is currently being shared on social media and is being opposed by all quarters.
Every day in India tens of thousands of women are subjected to violence and cruelty due to dowry.

 The impact of dowry on India every day is so devastating that the women began to struggle with the inability to escape the scourge of dowry, while some women dared to seek it in court and some women died by suicide without being able to resist it.

The government and the courts alone are fighting to abolish dowry. Women’s organisations have been battling it out. Awareness is being created that it is a crime to receive or give a dowry.  It is in this context that some bad precedents are shared in a college textbook entitled `Benefits of Dowry '. The highlight is that the text is under this heading in a sociology textbook recommended by the Nursing Council of India.
Here are 4 benefits of dowry mentioned in Chapter 6 of the book:
1. Dowry is very useful for those who are new to the family system. 

This is because dowry is very useful to buy the basic necessities of a home such as bed, mattress, TV, fan, utensils, clothes. Thus, in a few places in India, even vehicles are received as dowry. Thus the materials available through dowry help to build a house.
2. Dowry is the property available from the parents. A woman receives her share of the property as a dowry.
3. Dowry helps a woman to get higher education. Because to escape the impact of dowry, many parents send their daughters to school and work. By doing so, they are able to reduce the dowry burden. Thus dowry indirectly contributes to a woman's education.
4. Even an ugly woman / man can marry a beautiful person with an attractive dowry.

Such obscene comments are featured in the book. Along with these, the book also mentions the reason for receiving the dowry from the groom. Accordingly, “With the dowry available to the son, the parents can marry off their daughter to a well-off person.

 Depending on how much dowry is asked for one’s daughter, the conditions are set for the woman who is going to marry their son”.  With the current society making little progress against dowry, the book is once again on track to lead people back to the old ways.

Political party leaders and academicians have been urging the government to take immediate action to remove the textbook from the college curriculum.

 How did this text get into the education curriculum, who chose it, and who gave it permission? Everyone should be investigated and they should be punished.
This damn textbook that sanctifies dowry should be withdrawn immediately!