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Today Date : Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Annamalai has to change

Annamalai has to change

A woman gave a petition to Minister KKSSR Ramachandran, who was visiting Palavanatham village in Virudhunagar district. The Minister reportedly tapped the woman's head with a paper in his hand while telling her to ``keep calm'', which as usual took a troll on social media.

State BJP president Annamalai said, ``The minister beat the woman. Within 24 hours he should resign from the post of Minister or else we will besiege his house”.

Meanwhile, the woman said, ``The Minister patted me on the head". She put an end to the problem by telling the reporters, " I see him as my brother for a long time.”

At least after that, was the declared protest been withdrawn? No. The BJP staged a sit-in protest in front of the Minister's house. Did anything seriously happen in this matter to the extent of demanding the resignation of the Minister? 

This kind of banalization of a common issue should be completely avoided. Otherwise, it is a fact that the protests will lose momentum.

 Political leaders should take note of this.  In this case, it is somewhat comforting that Nayinar Nagendran, a legislator and senior leader of his party, told Annamalai what political civilization is.

Nayinar Nagendran says that there is no need to exaggerate the fact that Revenue Minister Ramachandran patted the woman on the head when she came to file a petition. This shows his political sophistication and magnanimity.

Any party leader who engages in public life should observe civilized political etiquette. Annamalai should understand and change!