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Today Date : Thursday, July 18, 2024

Annamalai in Sri Lanka What will be achieved?

Annamalai in Sri Lanka What will be achieved?

While it was announced that AIADMK candidate introduction meeting for Erode East by-election would be held yesterday, Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai did not participate in it and suddenly left on a four day trip to Sri Lanka with Union Minister of State L. Murugan.

Interviewed in this regard, Annamalai said, ``At the invitation of the Sri Lankan government, Union Minister of State L. Murugan is going to that country as a special guest. I am going to Sri Lanka on the invitation of Sri Lankan political parties. Such trips will solve the problem of our Indian fishermen,'' he said.

Annamalai had visited Sri Lanka last year as well. Then he met and talked to various political leaders in Sri Lanka. At the time of Annamalai's journey, there were reports that India was taking action to recover Kachchathivu island from Sri Lanka. But he did not disclose any specific information on the same. 

If we want to solve the problem of Tamil Nadu fishermen, we have to restore Kachchathivu island. It is a well-known fact that only if this (recovery of Kachchathivu) happens, a permanent solution to Tamilnadu fishermen problem will be possible. Similarly, if the Sri Lankan Tamils want to get power, the 13th amendment of the country's constitution should be implemented. 

Union Ministers Jaishankar and Muralitharan have already visited Sri Lanka. Although they discussed various issues with the Sri Lankan government, they do not seem to have spoken about the problems of fishermen of Tamil Nadu. They did not share any information about it with the Tamils.

 Indian External Affairs Minister Jaishankar went to Sri Lanka without doing his duty to discuss the issue of Tamil Nadu fishermen. It was expected that when he went to Sri Lanka he would speak something and bring good news to the fishermen of Tamil Nadu. But after talking about international issues, he left with Tamil Nadu issue unsaid.

In this background now L. Murugan and Annamalai have invaded Sri Lanka. The fishermen of Tamilnadu have boarded the plane saying that they will talk about the solution to the problem. What are they going to bring? What are they going to achieve? As usual, let's wait and see!