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Today Date : Sunday, May 19, 2024

Annamalai needs to rein in his tongue

When reporters surrounded Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai in Cuddalore district and asked for his comments, Annamalai was very harsh with them. "You are running behind me like a monkey jumping from tree to tree. What is this? What did I say when I went for lunch? Dint I respectfully stop and request you to have launch. Now clear the way”, he blurted and left in huff saying he would not answer to everything said by a dog, a ghost, and a bootlegger.

All parties including DMK and Congress have strongly condemned this behavior of Annamalai. Journalists' unions have also registered their vehement condemnation.

Only two days ago, in a press conference, BJP state president Annamalai had talked about Diwali alcohol sales figures and had advised Minister SenthilBalaji to file a case against him if necessary and not to threaten journalists.

However, within two days, when journalists tried to ask questions in Cuddalore, he was outraged and denigrated them. When reporters asked his views on Minister SenthilBalaji’s statement, he got infuriated and said he cannot answer to what was said by a dog, a ghost and a liquor seller.
We need not criticize his political reactions. But it is reprehensible that Annamalai has expressed his anger on the journalists and called them monkeys.True journalists are not slaves to anyone. It is sad that journalists are being insulted and intimidated by politicians in Tamil Nadu.
Annamalai is no stranger to criticizing journalists. He has been behaving like this before. It is not right for a state leader of a national party to behave like this; Political critics consider it the height of incivility. If a leader can conduct himself in this manner, how will the volunteers behave?
It is very important for those who are out in public to observe moderation. Annamalai should express regret for his words. That would be good for creating healthy political atmosphere.