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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

Any other way to ban online gambling ?

Any other way to ban online gambling ?

A young man named Sivanraj from Rosmiyapuram near Panagudi in Nellai district committed suicide after losing up to 15 lakh rupees in online rummy. Shivan Raj, who contacted his friends before committing suicide, said he has lost all his money in online rummy and those who lent him money are giving him pressure. So he said he was going to commit suicide.

This is the 40th suicide since the  enacting of the Prevention of Online Gambling Act was shelved. Sivanraj, a young graduate, has gambled away and lost a lot of money including  Rs 1 lakh, which his father gave after selling his household goods and livestock. This is an example of how addictive online gambling is to young people. Like Sivanraj, many young people are addicted to online gambling and commit suicide. Many suffer from chronic anxiety.

Knowing these facts, there are no leaders who do not condemn Tamil Nadu Governor R.N Ravi's delay in approving the Online Gambling Act; There are no Tamils who do not curse. It is worrisome that in a democracy, people's sentiments are not understood and they don't want to act. Such activities make a mockery of democracy.

Therefore, online gambling suicides should not continue. The Governor should immediately give his assent to the Prohibition Act. If not, there is now a demand that the Tamil Nadu government should explore alternative ways including the use of Article 162 of the Constitution.

Article 162 of the Constitution of India states that when a law enacted by the Assembly on a subject is pending the assent of the Governor, the State Government is empowered to issue an executive order on the same subject on grounds of urgency.

Therefore, an idea has also been proposed that the Tamil Nadu government can issue an executive order banning online gambling in Tamil Nadu using that power. The expectation of the people of Tamil Nadu is that online gambling should be banned in one way or another. Every time a suicide occurs, there is an outcry against online gambling. But the voices fall into deaf ears.  It would be a miracle if online gambling is banned before the next suicide happens. Someone put an end to the online gambling suicide saga!