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Today Date : Monday, April 15, 2024

Apollo Hospitals performs novel catheter-based therapy for uncontrolled hypertension

Apollo Hospitals performs novel catheter-based therapy for uncontrolled hypertension

In an effort to control hypertension and help improve life expectancy, a team of doctors from Apollo Hospitals has performed a novel catheter-based therapy called Renal Denervation. The procedure, performed for the first time in Tamil Nadu, comes as respite to those who continue to suffer from hypertension and other blood pressure-related conditions despite being on a mix of drugs. 

The procedure was recently performed on a 73-year-old woman who reported uncontrolled blood pressure, despite being on a mix of 6 drugs. Her BP remained high, though she was drug-compliant and followed a regulated diet. The team of interventional cardiologists from Apollo Hospitals decided to perform Renal Denervation. 

The results were remarkable as the patient, the oldest to undergo this procedure, responded well to treatment. She was discharged the next day, after her BP readings were positive. 

Preetha Reddy, Executive Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals Group, said,Apollo Hospitals has always been a healthcare provider of choice.  Our team of physicians have proven yet again that they possess the acumen and know-how to perform procedures and improve clinical outcomes. I congratulate the team on the success of this therapy."

Apollo Hospitals have adopted trending technologies and treatment procedures to ensure that we are equipped to deal with challenges in this critical space. The success of this procedure brings hope to those looking for advanced treatment of blood pressure-related conditions.