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Today Date : Monday, May 20, 2024

Apollo partners with LifeSigns  to donate 1000 remote

Apollo partners with LifeSigns to donate 1000 remote

Apollo Hospitals and LifeSigns have partnered to donate 1000 remote patient monitoring patches to quake hit Turkey where  hospitals have been demolished and are not functional,  and doctors, nurses, and staff have been stretched thin.  These patches can be used in settings where patients  need close vital signs monitoring, including cardiacrhythm. 

Apollo Hospitals

They allow doctors to reliably monitor a patient's heart rate, ECG rhythm, respiratory rate, temperature, and position, and can also be used to connect to oxygen saturation monitoring devices.  This will free up critical care beds for the sickest patients, and those who need care outside of hospitals or in the field can use the patches.

Dr Sai Praveen Haranath from Apollo Hospitals stated, "Apollo Hospitals stands ready to assist and provide guidance from our entire critical care and sub-specialist teams, who can help with monitoring these patients." 
The CEO of LifeSigns, Mr Hari Subramaniam, who donated the patches, stated,  "We have always believed that vital signs  need to be monitored anywhere, anytime, and our devices allow doctors to make important decisions for their patients to prevent harm and encourage healing.”