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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

Are Tamil Nadu villages being usurped by Kerala?

Are Tamil Nadu villages being usurped by Kerala?

The Kerala government is implementing a computerized re-survey program in the villages along the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala from November 1. During the partition of the state in 1956, the border area between the two states was 230 km. The distance has been measured by a joint survey by the two states. But over a stretch of 627 kms, survey work remains halted for the past 56 years due to non-cooperation of the Kerala government in conducting a joint survey.

 Much of the boundary between the two states remains undefined. But it is illegal for Kerala to engage in this computerized re-survey initiative without the cooperation or permission of the Tamil Nadu government.
During the last 56 years, the Malayalis have encroached on the villages of Tamil Nadu in the border area and occupied many areas. For example, in Gudalurtaluk of the Nilgiris district, approximately 30,000 acres of forest land has been encroached upon by the Malayalis, who have encroached upon the forest, stolen the timber, and settled over a large area.

As a result Malayalis are in majority in Gudalur assembly constituency and only one of them is becoming a member of Tamilnadu assembly. Like this, the Malayalis infiltrating the border continue to intrude and settle in forest lands along the border of the two states from Kumari, Nellai, Virudhunagar, Theni district to Coimbatore district. Doubts has arisen that the Kerala government is conducting a new survey to show that the occupied areas belong to it.

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu should immediately intervene in this problem and stop this, otherwise we will have to lose a lot of land belonging to Tamil Nadu.The Tamil Nadu government should wake up now and listen to the Kerala government. The right of Tamil Nadu should not be left!