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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

Athulya Senior Care launches Innovative Campaign Care

Athulya Senior Care launches Innovative Campaign Care

International Day for Older Persons, celebrated annually on October 1st, serves as an opportunity to recognize the contributions of older adults to society and to address the challenges they face. 

In a bid to raise awareness about the importance of caring for elderly population, Athulya launched a striking awareness campaign that saw messages displayed on traffic crossings across the city.Athulya Senior Care has taken this opportunity to create a powerful visual reminder that caring for our older generation is a shared responsibility.

"Older persons are an invaluable part of our society, and it is our collective duty to ensure their well-being and happiness," said Ms Krishna Kavya J, Co Founder& Director Marketing.

Athulya Senior Care hopes that this initiative will spark conversations and encourage individuals and organizations to prioritize the well-being of older persons. The organization is dedicated to promoting respect, dignity, and compassion for older persons.