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Avalpoonthurai boat house lying on the bush

Avalpoonthurai boat house lying on the bush

There is a 205 acre lake in Cholipalayam area of ​​Avalpoonthurai, Modakurichi Union. Due to the fact that there is continuous water in it throughout the year, there is no shortage of drinking water in the surrounding areas.The lake is located in a total area of ​​205 acres, with one part in Kuloor village panchayat and another part in Avalpoonthurai town panchayat. 

The seepage water of LBP canal is the main source of the pond. The pond is surrounded by karuvelam trees in one part and agricultural land on the other.  There is a Vellodu Bird Sanctuary near the lake, so different kinds of birds come to the lake to eat food. 
In this case, 1.72 cr was allocated under the Department of Tourism, Culture and Charitable Institutions in the year 2013--2014 for the construction of a boat house at the lake.

 After that, the work of deepening and leveling the lake was going on to build a boat house. But the levelling work was delayed due to water in places. Subsequently, after the water dried up, the lake was deepened and levelled again. 

The boathouse  has a park, sets for spectators to sit on, overhead drinking water tank, platforms for spectators to stand and watch, separate toilets for men and women, and an  arch on the main road of Avalpoonthurai. Also, everything necessary for the boat house like concrete road from the main road to the boat house, two boats from Yercaud were arranged.

 But, as the pond was not completely deepened and levelled, the boat house has not been used by the public till now even after opening the boat house. So, bushes spread in the park. Modakurichi block Chairman Ganapathi said that only after the water in the pond dries up, the boathouse can be re-balanced and put to use.