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Today Date : Sunday, May 19, 2024

Battle against online  gambling: Need for Supreme Court intervention

Battle against online gambling: Need for Supreme Court intervention

Tamil Nadu has been grappling with a devastating surge in youth suicides linked to the pernicious grip of online gambling. The tragic toll has surpassed a staggering 100 lives lost, a grim reminder of the urgent need for decisive action.As concerned citizens rally in protests, clamoring for a prohibition on online gambling, recent legal developments have cast a shadow over these efforts. 
The Madras High Court's ruling, which declared that skill-based games like online rummy and poker cannot be outlawed under existing legislation, has dealt a severe blow to attempts to curb this deadly trend. Consequently, online gambling platforms have experienced resurgence, preying upon vulnerable individuals and claiming more innocent lives across the state. 
Compounding this crisis, a prominent company has brazenly announced a high-stakes online rummy tournament series, boasting a jaw-dropping prize pool of Rs.100 crore. Such enticements, targeting the youth demographic, only serve to exacerbate the epidemic of addiction and despair sweeping Tamil Nadu. 
In the face of this mounting catastrophe, the onus falls squarely on the shoulders of the Tamil Nadu government to redouble its efforts in seeking legal recourse. With the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Online Gambling Act 2022 hanging in the balance, the imperative for swift action cannot be overstated. 
The government must pursue all available avenues, including seeking an injunction in the Supreme Court, to stem the tide of online gambling-related tragedies. The stark reality is that time is of the essence. Every passing day without robust intervention imperils countless lives, condemning more youths to the clutches of addiction and despair.It is incumbent upon the Tamil Nadu government to heed the clarion call of its citizens and take decisive action to safeguard the future of its youth. 
As concerned citizens, we implore the Tamil Nadu government to rise to the occasion, to champion the cause of our youth, and to pursue justice with unwavering resolve. The fate of a generation hangs in the balance, and the time for action is now.The Tamil Nadu government must heed this urgent plea and lead the charge in the fight against online gambling.