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Today Date : Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Bedsheet producers strike work

Bedsheet producers strike work

Power looms units were remain closed in Chennimalai yesterday in protest against the steep rise in yarn prices.

Until a few years ago, thousands of power looms were operating in Chennimalai, giving job opportunity to thousands of male and female workers in weaving, spinning, etc. 
Now, the industry suffers much due to steep rise in power tariff and yarn prices and decline in sales of bedsheet varieties.  

The power loom industry has been devastated as most of the workers have gone to the readymade garment factories operating in Tirupur and now less than 200 power looms were operating in Chennimalai and its environs.

Owners of power looms have been pushed to the point where they can no longer run the business as the price of yarn continues to rise as sales of fabrics was sluggish since the corona period.

 They announced a one-day strike to bring the issues to the attention of the government the continuing rise in the price of yarn.  

Accordingly, all the power looms in Chennimalai and its environs were remain closed yesterday.