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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Benefits of learning in mother tongue scientifically proven: Writer Bharathi Krishnakumar

Benefits of learning in mother tongue scientifically proven: Writer Bharathi Krishnakumar

Underscoring the benefits of being educated in one's mother tongue, the writer, director Bharathi Kumar, urged students to learn, speak, and write Tamil accurately to excel in other languages and fields.

Addressing the students of Periyar University and its affiliated colleges in Salem Region in the," A GreatTamil Dream,"cultural advocacy program and celebration of Tamil Heritage at Periyar University, Salem on Thursdaym  Bharathi Krishnakumar said that among the 150 written languages, only six have scripts and literature dating back over a millennium - Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Chinese, and Tamil. Notably, only Chinese and Tamil have managed to survive for more than 2,000 years, distinguishing them as living languages with a rich historical lineage.

He proudly proclaimed Tamil as the only language that has flourished with writing, grammar, and literature, making it unique among contemporary spoken languages. Urging students to learn in their mother tongue Tamil, he said that science has proved that those educated in the mother tongue, can excel in other fields also.

The program further included insights from various distinguished guests, including the Additional Collector (Development) of District Rural Development Agency, Dr. Alarmel Mangai, Vice-Chancellor of Periyar University, Mr. Jaganathan, Dharmapuri Regional College Education Associate Director, Dr. Ramalakshmi, Associate Director of District Employment and Vocational Guidance Center, Mrs. Lata, Pioneer Bank Manager, Mr. Prince, District Integration Officer and Inspection Committee Officer, Mrs. V.D.S. L. B. Abhinaya, Deputy Director of District Employment and Vocational Guidance Center, Dr. S Mani, and District Social Welfare Officer, Ms. Day.J. Jennifer Sonia Rani.

In a Question-Answer session at the conclusion of the event, the students had the opportunity to engage with a special guest and seek clarification on various aspects relevant to their personal and academic growth. Additionally, prizes and certificates of appreciation were awarded to students who asked the most thought-provoking questions and contributed insightful comments.

The program attended by over 2,000 enthusiastic college students from various institutions, including Salem Government College of Engineering, Padmavani Arts and Science College, A.V. College, S College, and Sona College of Arts and Science, aimed to raise awareness among the younger generation about the rich history, literature, and culture of Tamil Nadu.