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Today Date : Sunday, April 21, 2024

Beware of  Corona virus rise

Beware of Corona virus rise

Corona virus infection is rising slowly in Tamilnadu. However none should panic. 
The Government of Tamilnadu, the Chief Minister, Minister for Health and Family Welfare and officials are keenly preparing and working with added caution to prevent the spread. The Union Government is also doing its part with commitment.

A danger of a very virulent variant of the Corona virus is lurking. We are facing a danger of the Corona virus viral infection causing a drastic change. It would spread fast and cause more damage warn world medical professionals. Vaccination and face mask alone will safeguard us. Hence the Government has cautioned again about the importance of wearing mask and vaccination. From children to elders people of all age groups should take vaccination as per the Government's guidelines.

Every one above the age of 60 should take booster dose. This is not for the Government but for our wellbeing and health. Hospitals run round the clock. Vaccination can be taken without any hindrance within a short time.
Although Corona virus infection has reduced any time it may strike a come-back with more virulence. No one can predict its course. 

With controls relaxed people seem to have completely forgotten Corona virus itself. 90 percent of the people avoid wearing face masks. This state of affairs should change and everyone should adhere to the guidelines on wearing masks.Public, beware!