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Today Date : Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Bill to ban online  gambling still pending with Governor

Bill to ban online gambling still pending with Governor

Is it fair on the part of the Governor RN Ravi to hold the bill that was passed in the assembly to ban online gambling by not giving his assent to even after the state government stated that online gambling has not just been destroying numerous families but also killed several people in the state? Is the Governor running a parallel government?

In the recent times, many people especially men had ended their lives by suicide and one of the main reasons for it was their inability to recover from the financial loss which incurred after they lost all their money in online gambling. 

To prevent such incidents, several political parties had demanded the state government to enact a law to ban online gambling games. Accepting their demand, the previous AIADMK government had passed a bill banning the online gambling games in hurry and within months after it came into effect, the High Court pinpointed the loopholes in it and quashed the act. 

They also directed the state government to pass another bill without any loopholes. After the DMK came to power, the council headed by the Chief Minister MK Stalin decided to strengthen the law and pass it as early as possible. Subsequently, a committee headed by Justice Chandru was formed to study the subject in detail and to make recommendations to ban online gambling games.

After the committee submitted its report, a bill was passed in the assembly and was sent to the Governor for his assent. But it is  still pending with him. Not just this, 19 other bills are also pending with the Governor for months together. Despite knowing the importance of the act, the ignorance of the Governor shows nothing but his actual concern for the public.

He has failed to do his duty as prescribed in the constitution. His action makes one suspicious of his reasons to take charge as Governor of Tamil Nadu. Without the cooperation of the Governor, how can the state government implement acts for the welfare of the public? If the Governor runs a parallel government, what will be the situation of the public? Let the people think.