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Today Date : Wednesday, June 19, 2024

BJP & AIADMK  alliance ready to bloom again!

BJP & AIADMK alliance ready to bloom again!

Parliamentary elections are just 7 months away. BJP has made various attempts to regain power at the centre.
The opposition parties have come together to form the 'INDIA' alliance to remove the BJP from power. These alliance party leaders are coming together to strategize against the BJP.
Amidst this development, AIADMK-BJP alliance has broken down in Tamil Nadu. 
AIADMK has publicly announced that there is no alliance with the BJP not only in the parliamentary elections but also in the assembly elections. AIADMK is confirming that there is no alliance ever.
At the same time, BJP wants an alliance with AIADMK. BJP state vice-president V.P Duraisamy has said that they are continuing to talk. He also said that it is our desire that the AIADMK-BJP alliance should continue.
Annamalai went to Delhi after accepting the invitation from the BJP leadership amid the break-up frenzy. 
It is said that he met BJP National President J.P Nadda and Union Home Minister Amit Shah and explained the political situation in Tamil Nadu and the alliance break with AIADMK. Annamalai met Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.
In this situation, 3 MLAs from AIADMK met Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in Coimbatore yesterday.
In this tense atmosphere, the state BJP high level committee meeting under the leadership of Annamalai will be held tomorrow (5th) at Chennai Kamalalayam. This meeting has raised expectations.
BJP has started an effort to give spring to the withered plant called alliance. 
All in all, as we have already said, the chances of the AIADMK & BJP alliance blossoming again are looking bright.
Will talks be held with AIADMK for alliance? It will be known in a few days!