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Today Date : Sunday, April 21, 2024

BJP Chief Minister on  controversial speakers’ list

BJP Chief Minister on controversial speakers’ list

Even after the BJP came to power, even before it came, the party functionaries have been making denigrating comments on women. They are saying that culture is important especially for women and that they should wear only certain clothes.

A BJP leader also said that sexual assault happens only because women go to work and such mistakes happen because women go outside after 6 o'clock.A few years ago, S.V Shekhar, a BJP supporter, was embroiled in a huge controversy after he made an obnoxious comment about a woman journalist. He apologized as the strong continents arose.

In addition, the BJP spread slander about a Dalit girl who was severely beaten, sexually assaulted and burnt in Hadhras, Uttar Pradesh. Assam BJP Chief Minister HimantaBiswa Sharma has again found himself in trouble for making controversial comments while continuing to make comments against women.

Speaking at a program held yesterday in Guwahati area, he said, "Our (Assam) state government has implemented many schemes for women. Also, strict action is being taken against child marriage and violence against women. Just as conception at a young age is a dangerous thing, similarly having a child beyond the age of majority is not a right thing to do." Older motherhood can also cause complications.God has designed our bodies to do all things at a certain age.

Therefore, women should attain motherhood in their 22 to 30 years of age. If girls of this age are unmarried, they should get married soon," he said. At a time when many people are raising awareness that women should get married only after they earn their own money, women should not be dependent on men in the house, and therefore it is mandatory for a woman to go to work, a state chief minister has stired a great controversy by speaking like this.

Also, many feminist activists are criticizing and condemning this comment of the BJP Chief Minister that marriage is the personal right of women and it is not the job of the Chief Minister to talk about getting married and having children at this age.A state chief minister has now appeared in the list of BJP people who publish controversial posts about women.

Prime Minister Modi even talked about women while speaking yesterday. He stated that even women have started entering the armed forces. BJP should make its party members aware that they should not speak denigratingly about such women and should speak very carefully!