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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

BJP & Congress gearing up for 2024 election

BJP & Congress gearing up for 2024 election

Political parties at the national and state levels are already preparing for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Leaders including Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Telangana Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao are discussing whether to join hands with the Congress or form a third alliance at the national level.
Forming a third alliance will be of no benefit. Shiv Sena and other parties feel that the Congress should join hands to defeat the BJP.

As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, the DMK alliance is going to campaign with a slogan, "all 40 constituencies are oursVarious political parties and leaders are gearing up for the parliamentary elections and the BJP is also gearing up to face the 2024 elections. ". Annamalai, the state president of the BJP party, is already setting a target and working on it.

The Congress currently has just under 50 MPs in the Lok Sabha. Even these seats which the Congress will may not retain are considered by the BJP as the grounds to win a huge hat-trick in the coming elections. Regardless of Modi's image, the top leaders of BJP have realized the reality that the dissatisfaction with the ruling party will remain among the voters as it has been in power for two consecutive terms.
So to get a huge victory in the parliamentary elections again, a few months before the elections, i.e. in January 2024, information is leaking out that the BJP is planning to open the Ram temple in Ayodhya and garner votes.

Next, political commentators are of the opinion that India-Pakistan may take military action to resolve the border issue centered on Jammu-Kashmir, which has been a major headache for many years. It is the BJP's plan to increase its influence among the northern voters in the elections.

Congress will form a mega alliance and strategize to defeat BJP. It is the unshakable belief of the Congress that Rahul Gandhi's padayatra will make a big difference in the 2024 elections. The 2024 parliamentary election field has already started heating up. Voters have already started their calculations!