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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

'BJP rule is firm to reclaim Katchatheevu'

'BJP rule is firm to reclaim Katchatheevu'

The Government of India is committed to reclaiming Sri Lankan-held Katchchatheevu.  It is the policy of the BJP to reclaim the island. People will soon see the progress in that bid, said BJP leader and former MP CP Radhakrishnan. He told reporters at the party office the state finance minister accused the central government of not allocating enough funds.

He should issue a white paper on how much dues that the state government should give to the Centre under various heads including for buying power and coal from the Centre. The Central government is systematically providing what is due to all the state governments in GST. 

They are corrupting the Tamils ​​by claiming to be the Dravidian model. In similar way they want to destroy others all over  India by stating  spreading of the model in the nation. TN progressed much due to construction of various dams built by the previous British government and Kamaraj.  DMK insulted leaders like Kamaraj. 

Now they are adding them to their Dravidian model after his demise.  According to the BJP, Tamil is highly valued.  The Prime Minister has said that Tamil language is superior to Sanskrit.  So it is wrong to say that the central government is thrusting Hindi and Sanskrit. Rahul Gandhi is immature politician. That is why he says the Modi government has ruined the country. 

 But today the world powers like the United States, Russia, China and Germany hold India in high esteem.  India is emerging as a major economic power.  The Central government has removed the import tax to control cotton prices.  Imports will start in another 45 days.  The price of cotton will go down and the price of yarn will go down.  

Then the crisis in the textile industry will end.  If the DMK comes to power, the sharp rise in the price of cement, power cut, political interference in the police station,  rice smuggling to Kerala would surface.
The DMK government should work for the Industrial and Agriculture growth of Tamil Nadu without constantly criticizing the Central Government. 

The industry is growing very fast in other states.  According to the BJP's election rules, a person cannot hold office for more than two terms. 

Existing executives have given full cooperation to the newly elected executives.  With this election, we have proved once again that the BJP is a structured party, ”he said.  The event was attended by several executives including Modakkurichi MLA Dr Saraswathi former MP Soundaram former district chairman Sivasubramaniam and new district chairman Senthilkumar.