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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

BJP’s Annamalai urges CM Stalin to close TASMAC shops

BJP’s Annamalai urges CM Stalin to close TASMAC shops

BJP state president K Annamalai requested the Chief Minister MK Stalin to take necessary steps to close TASMAC shops in the state

In a statement, Annamalai said, “The Chief Minister had warned of turning into an autocrat to curtail drug menace in the state and directed the police department to seize the properties of those who sell narcotic products after arresting them. 

But the chief minister, who is well aware of the ill-effects of using drugs, does not seem to know about the ill-effects of consuming liquor.” 

“Number of people who are addicted to liquor is considerably higher than those addicted to drugs. Many of the workers are spending most of their earnings in the TASMAC shops without thinking about their families. 

Spoiling their own health and family’s welfare, people are giving priority to consume liquor and it is the main reason for the increase in crime including murders, robberies and sexual harassment,” the statement said. 
The government should take steps to close its TASMAC shops, he added.