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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

Breakfast to School Students - a Pioneering Scheme

On the occasion of one year anniversary of the DMK government, Chief Minister M.K.Stalin made new announcements. One of these is the 'Breakfast Scheme' in government schools.

In 1920, Sir Pitti.Thyagaraya was the leader of the Justice Party, the mother party of the Dravidian movement. It was when he was the Chairman of the Chennai Municipal Corporation that the first mid-day meal program was started in government schools. 

But this project stopped halfway.Then in 1957, the mid-day meal scheme was implemented again during the reign of the late Chief Minister Kamaraj. It was very useful for students who come to school. Following this, in 1982, during the MGR’s regime, the mid-day meal scheme was converted into a nutrition scheme.

Following this, the Kalaignar who was the Chief Minister in 1989 changed the nutrition scheme to healthy meal scheme by providing eggs and vegetables in the midday meal scheme. Since then, eggs are being given to students in the mid-day meal program till today. 

Thus, the nutrition program has seen various changes during the rule of each leader. Going one step above them all,Chief Minister M.K.Stalin has introduced as a pilot scheme providing mid-day meal and breakfast.

 In this morning snack program, breakfast will be provided to students from class 1 to 5. The breakfast program will be implemented in 1,545 government primary schools in the first phase. .

Breakfast will be provided to 1,14,095 students through this scheme.The people of Tamil Nadu are extremely happy because breakfast is available at school. No more hastily making something to feed their school-going children. Poor parents need not worry about not having anything to eat in the morning. This scheme is the first in India to be implemented in Tamil Nadu.

Mothers of Tamil Nadu are congratulating Chief Minister M.K.Stalin for bringing this project. It is also appreciated by all parties. As  there is enough to praise Chief Minister M.K.Stalin who has brought the first plan to guide India like a mother who educates her students.