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Today Date : Sunday, April 14, 2024

Cable TV operators stage demo at the Collectorate

Cable TV operators stage demo at the Collectorate

Members of Erode district Cable TV Operators Association staged a demonstration at the Erode Collectorate on Tuesday in protest against technical problems in the the telecast of TN Cable TV Corporation. They submitted a petition to the PA (General) to the Collector. 

Heading the stir, the association leader Arulmurugan said that 'for the past 4 days, the telecast of the corporation was totally disrupted affecting lakhs of consumers who got the service through the set top boxes given by the corporation. 

Due to the disruption in the telecast  they were not able to view various TV channels programmes and the news and programmes of the government. So, many of them got angry and picked quarrel with us. Many even left our network to get the service of dish and other operators. 


We remitted the entire fee and subscription of our customers  to the corporation. But, when we inquired about the disruption, there is no proper answer from corporation officials. They cited some technical reasons for the problem. 

But we suspect that whether it is an indirect bid to promote other operators and dish antenna companies and destroy the corporation fully like BSNL which was on the verge of extinction due to lack of support from the Centre. The corporation already has 34 lakhs connections. But, now it came down to 24 lakhs. 

Around 46000 operators, including 456 in the district were depending on the corporation for their livelihood. 
So, the government should protect the corporation by reviving the telecast and give HD set off boxes to all subscribers of it in place of old set off boxes. Now, many boxes were under repair and non functional,  he rued.