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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

Can building a  retaining wall be stopped?

Can building a retaining wall be stopped?

The Home Minister Amit Shah has been working tirelessly to impose the Hindi language.  Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin issued a statement against this and issued a proper warning against the Hindi and Sanskrit fanatics.

"Don't fan the fire; Don't impose another language war with your attempts to make Hindi compulsory.”Don't reap perverse consequences by imposing in such a way as to harm the unity of the country," he clearly thundered.Beyond political party differences in Tamil Nadu –except BJP  the other parties are also raising their voices against the imposition of Hindi and condemning it.This unity can never be disturbed by anyone.

 The then Prime Minister Nehru's political promise that English and Hindi will remain as the official language of India for as long as the people want it has been made a separate law.Does only Tamil Nadu oppose Hindi? Punjab opposes. West Bengal opposes. Northeast Nagaland, Meghalaya and Assam are opposed. -Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Kerala oppose. Why, even Maharashtra is against it.
Union rulers must understand this. Language is emotional. Prime Minister Modi and people like Amit Shah should realize that what DravidarKazhagam president K. Veeramani says is a perverse game to lay hands on electricity.

It is only cruel to announce that Hindi will be the language of instruction in central universities and in all India competitive exams and union government jobs will be in Hindi.
Is it fair to prevent the youth of the state who do not speak Hindi from entering the university and government jobs? Can we stop it if we erect a barrier like this? There is a need for the Union rulers to change their position after knowing the history of the anti-Hindi protest in Tamil Nadu.

That is why Chief Minister M.K.Stalin has warned not to impose a language war again.  Union rulers have the responsibility to treat all living in the country as equal citizens. No one should forget that India is a country that finds unity in diversity.

A language war should be avoided again. If those who need to understand  must understand!