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Today Date : Friday, April 19, 2024

Can justice be expected from a committee comprising the accused?

Can justice be expected from a committee comprising the accused?

In Chennai, the Kalakshetra Institute is running under the auspices of the Union Government. Alleging sexual harassment against some of the teachers, the female students staged a protest.

Chief Minister M. K. Stalin assured that appropriate action will be taken immediately.
The police searched for some professors who were accused of sexual harassment. After arresting an absconding associate professor and starting an investigation, suddenly the Kalakshetra Trust Board announced a commission of inquiry as a matter of urgency.

How can there be justice if the administration itself sets up a commission of inquiry against any in the administration? The Kalakshetra Trust has appointed Kannan, the retired Chief Justice of the Punjab High Court as the Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry.He was appointed in the Punjab High Court as there was strong opposition to his appointment as a judge in the Madras High Court in Tamil Nadu. A few years after his retirement from there, he came back here, and an inquiry commission has been set up under the leadership of someone who is involved in the RSS. 

The Tamil Nadu government police has conducted its investigation in full swing and even found the absconding criminals and put them in jail. Does not the announcement of such a commission of inquiry create lot of doubt among the public, the affected students and the parents? Under the leadership of Tamil Nadu Government Women's Commission Chairperson Kumari, the investigation has been completed and the report has been submitted to the government.

Law and Order belongs is a subject to be dealt by the state. According to the announcement of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, the police will definitely identify the criminals and accelerate the appropriate action. A strong question and suspicion arises that such an action of constituting a parallel commission of inquiry is to dilute it or save the criminals from punishment.

The victimized students must get justice. Tamil Nadu's law-and-order issue has been dismissed as nothing, political observers say, and the appointment of this commission is a covert arrangement for whitewashing. It is widely suspected that the sudden appointment of the The Commission is a ploy to divert the issue and let the criminals escape! Let the Tamil Nadu government pay attention!