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Today Date : Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Can the father of the  nation’s legacy be  denigrated?

Can the father of the nation’s legacy be denigrated?

Governors obstruct state governments in a number of ways, not just when it comes to passing bills. Recently R.N. Ravi, the Governor of Tamil Nadu, has caused controversy by releasing a picture of Thiruvalluvar dressed in saffron.
He even said, two days ago, that the Tamil Nadu government had threatened the priests at Chennai's Kothandaramaswamy temple. However, the temple's priests stood up and denied the story.
Following this at the Anna University function held the day before yesterday, he said that "Mahatma Gandhi's struggle was in vain. Netaji is the real father of the nationhe said, in a way that denigrates Gandhi's struggle for the country’s freedom.
While Governor R.N Ravi's many words and deeds have already created a stir in Tamil Nadu politics, this issue has also sparked outcry.Mahatma Gandhi is revered by Indians as the Father of the Nation. Whenever world leaders come to India, they pay their respects at Gandhi's mausoleum. Gandhi has given honour and respect to India itself. It doesn't matter if Gandhi is not accepted as a Mahatma, who dedicated himself fully to the cause of India's independence and died in a gun fire. But the people of the country will never accept slander.
We have been teaching our children Gandhi, the father of our nation, and his sacrifices since primary education, inculcating that all wrong? Can Mahatma Gandhi be tarnished?