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Today Date : Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Casteism even in the  21st century?

Casteism even in the 21st century?

Even in the 21st century caste-based atrocities have not stopped across the country. As Ambedkar said, caste is not just a social problem but also a mental illness as evidenced by the daily occurrences. We see caste-based honour killings happening all over the country. The trend of barring lower castes from entering temples is rampant.

Recently in Tamil Nadu a major problem broke out in a village called VenkaivAyal when someone mixed faeces in the water tank used by socially oppressed people. Especially the affected people of the area say that a few members of the dominant caste have done this inhumane act. However, no one has been arrested till date.

A video of Pravez Shukla, who is said to belong to the dominant caste, urinated on a tribal youth in the state of Madhya Pradesh has gone viral on the internet. The video clearly shows Pravez urinating on the face and head of the tribal youth sitting. Pravez is contesting as a representative of BJP MLA Kedarnath Shukla.
A police complaint was not filed by the victim as Parvez belonged to BJP political background. But after the video went viral on the websites, a case has been registered against the accused under SC & ST Atrocities Act and various other sections.

This incident happened three months ago and the incident has now spread on social media . There has been strong opposition and criticism to this.
The tumultuous voice is echoing across the country calling for strict action by the police against caste fanatic Pravez. How many more centuries are needed for caste atrocities to stop in India?