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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Change of government soon again in  Maharashtra?

Change of government soon again in Maharashtra?

Maharashtra state governance is undergoing a musical chair style transition. Eknath Shinde broke the Shiv Sena and formed an alliance with the BJP to become the Chief Minister. Former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis is Deputy Chief Minister on behalf of BJP.

There is talk now that the  regime is being brought under control. Ajit Pawar, who is the senior leader of the Nationalist Congress Party, is likely to be the next Chief Minister.
To add strength to this, Ajit Pawar has canceled the rally that was to be held today. There is a buzz that two BJP leaders from Maharashtra are rushing to Delhi and the change of government may be any time soon.

The Supreme Court can pass judgment on Eknath Shinde under the Anti-Defection law at any time. So, this time Ajit Pawar is all set to fulfill his long-time dream of becoming Chief Minister. As he has the support of 35-40 MLAs in the Nationalist Congress Party, it is said that the Anti-Defection law will not be a hindrance.

In 2019, similarly, Ajit Pawar prepared to form the government with the support of BJP. But he could not fulfill his dream of being the chief minister due to lack of support from party leader Sharad Pawar.

On April 8th, there were reports that Ajit Pawar secretly met Amit Shah in Delhi. It is rumored that after the final negotiations have been completed, it has been finalized as to who will be the ministers. So, it is clear that BJP is marginalizing Eknath Shinde.
Considering all this, it is BJP's calculation that the government should be run under the leadership of Ajit Pawar, who has the identity of a Marathi. That and another calculation of BJP is that if Ajit Pawar, who has a high vote share, forms a government, he can win the love of the Marathi people.

If we add all this together, there will be a change of government in Maharashtra soon, but the question is when!