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Today Date : Friday, May 24, 2024

CM resolution against Governor

CM resolution against Governor

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin on Monday moved a resolution against the Governor’s customary speech that marks the commencement of the year’s first assembly session, after he omitted certain parts from the approved text and delivered extempore.
As he moved the resolution, the Governor RN Ravi left the assembly mid along with his secretary and other staff.

While passing the resolution, Stalin said that the Governor had already approved the text for his customary address and the approved text was given to the MLAs as printed books and uploaded to their computers. “The moves of the Governor who is against the Dravidian model ideology, is completely unacceptable. We have followed the rules of the House and remained calm without expressing any opposition when he delivered the speech. 

We gave full respect to the Governor who is here to deliver his customary speech. But he has acted not just against our ideologies but also against the ideologies of the Tamil Nadu government. Omitting certain portions for the approved text and including certain parts on his own is against the norms,” he said.

Accusing the Governor for not reading the full text of the approved address, he said that by relaxing the rule 17 of the House, I pass a resolution to include only the approved text and the Tamil version of the Governor’s address read out by speaker Appavu in House records and not to include the portion that he included on his own, in the House proceedings.

The resolution was adopted by voice vote. Speaking to reporters, industries minister Thangam Thennarasu said that the text of the speech was sent to the Governor on January 5 following the cabinet meeting and the Governor approved it on January 5.Pointing out that the Governor’s speech is the government’s policy document, he accused the Governor for delivering his speech in violation of the Constitution.

The Governor had skipped portions related to the Dravidian  model and included certain portions on his own.  He has also skipped lines like ‘certificate received for the Dravidian model government equipped with development’ and ‘Tamil Nadu is a peaceful place while ensuring law and order in the state’.