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Today Date : Wednesday, July 24, 2024

CM's breakfast to benefit 83,291 students, Collector directs officials to gear up for programme

CM's breakfast to benefit 83,291 students, Collector directs officials to gear up for programme

On Tuesday, a district-wide coordination meeting for the expansion of the Chief Minister's breakfast programme was conducted at the Salem district office, presided over by district collector Mr. S. Karmegam.

The Collector told the participants that the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu announced during the 2023-24 legislative budget session that the breakfast programme will be expanded to all pupils from class 1 to 5 in rural and urban regions across Tamil Nadu. As a result, in Salem District, all necessary officers will be involved in the process of organizing the scheme at middle school, secondary school, and high schools in Salem District.

All relevant officials in Salem District will be in the process of being able to be made in Salem District, middle school, secondary and secondary schools, 1 to 5, and students The Chief Minister's breakfast programme has been expanded aggressively so that 83,291 pupils studying in 1,340 government schools in the Salem region can benefit. Details of students in all elementary schools, middle schools, high / senior high schools, establishment of infrastructural facilities in kitchens, construction of new kitchens, selection of experienced cooks to work in self-help groups, and so on were all thoroughly discussed at this conference. In addition, to ensure the quality of veggies, oil, and cooking materials for preparing breakfast and the prepared food, the school management committee should ensure the quality of the food every day before serving it to the students Karmegam said. 

District Rural Development Agency Additional Director (Development) Mr. Alar Melmankai., Assistant Collector (Training) Ms. Mr. Swathi Sri, Project Director (Women Programme) Mr. Periyasamy, Joint Registrar of Co-operative Societies Mr. P. Ravikumar, District Principal Education Officer Mr. M. Kabir, Assistant Director (Municipalities) Ms. Dimithamirasi, District Coordinating Officer were among those present.