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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

CM urged to take over 12.66 acre Govt land at Erode

CM urged to take over 12.66 acre Govt land at Erode

Erode Periyamariamman temple land recovery appealed to the CM  to take over 12.66 acre government prime land from the CSI organization in Erode and open 80 ft road along the land without any delay as per the recent HC order.

Due to the protest conducted by the movement for the past 15 years, the Madras High Court ordered the chief secretary of the Tamil Nadu government in this regard. So, a  victory ceremony was held in Erode on Saturday evening on the occasion of this verdict by the movement.  ERM Chandrasekhar, head of the movement presided.   He said the movement filed a caveat in the HC to check the CSI administration to obtain stay on court order. 

The government should also fille similar petition and take over its land worth over Rs 1000 cr.  Otherwise, the movement would file a contemt petition against the government and start series of agitations for public cause as the movement was also a petitioner in the case.

Many years back, the Mariamman temple was located in the land. So,  it took interest to protect and retrieve the government land from encroachers.  As the court itself clearly directed the chief secretary to take over the land and open 80 ft road immediately, the court's order should be executed without giving chance to opposite party to pursue further legal battle on the issue, he pleaded. Modakurichi MLA C.Saraswathi, Movement functionaries Kailasapati, Rajkannu,  Rajeswaran, Selvaraj, Shanmugasundaram and many  others participated.