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Today Date : Friday, May 24, 2024

Co-optex sets Rs 3.20 cr sales target for Diwali

Co-optex sets Rs 3.20 cr sales target for Diwali

Erode District Co-optex outlets at Erode and Gobi sets a sales target of Rs 3.20 cr for current Diwali festival with giving a special price discount on handloom items from Sept 15. For sale 30 percent special discount is provided by the government. 

District Collector H.Krishnanunni inaugurated the Diwali sales at the Vasantham Co-Optex outlet at Erode. 
He told reporters Co-optex is functioning for the benefit of weavers and public for the past 85 years. The silk sarees produced in areas like Kanchipuram, Salem, Coimbatore, Arani, Thanjavur,  modern soft silk sarees and many cloth were well received by public. 

In 2021, the 2 shops at Erode and Gobi sold Rs.1.13 cr worth cloth during Diwali.  We set a total target of Rs.3.20 cr this year. Co-optex Chairman AV Venkatajalam, Managing Director S.P. Ramesh, officials Vettivel, Anpazhagan, Gajendran, and G Viswanathan were present.